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Become A Latin Equip Passport Partner!

Become a Passport Partner and Help Sustain LE!


Recently a pastor of a large church in Lima, Peru asked us to help him obtain oxygen for members with Covid. The situation there had become very challenging with the collapse of the health system and the church needed more oxygen tanks to loan out. Because of our Passport members, Latin Equip was able to respond to this emergency.

Latin Equip has been in relationship with this pastor since he was five years old. Over the years he has received countless hours of training, mentoring, and personal ministry. Our passport members make this and many other relationships possible. When you become a passport member, you cause Christian communities to grow in Latin America.

What is the Passport Program?

The Passport program is Latin Equip’s core group of committed monthly donors.

Why should you become a Passport Partner?

1.It keeps us deployment ready. Monthly donors ensure that we are always “mission ready” and allows us to hold our effective training events without having to fundraise first.

2.It provides predictable revenue. Monthly giving helps Latin Equip avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we can spend more time on our mission of building the Kingdom of God by reaching the lost in Latin America- and less on fundraising.

3.Simply put, the Passport monthly giving program sustains our work. LE Passport members demonstrate an on-going commitment to our mission.